Symptoms of Onset Menopause That Should Send You to a Treatment Clinic

Posted on: 12 November 2021

After living with their menstrual cycle for the majority of their lives, some women start to look forward to menopause, as they believe this phase will provide them with much-needed relief from the inconveniences of having a monthly period. From having to live with mood and body-altering contraceptive solutions to contending with uncomfortable menstrual products and even experiencing cramps and other forms of discomfort, getting done with your menstrual cycle may seem like a welcome relief.

However, not many women are fully prepared for what to anticipate with menopause. Certainly, you may have heard that you will develop symptoms such as hot flashes and mood swings, but these are not the only side effects of reaching the end of your reproductive cycle. Read on for two little known symptoms of the onset of menopause that should send you to a menopause treatment clinic.

Adverse changes to your mental state

One of the lesser discuses symptoms of menopause that you should be aware of is the negative changes that may happen to your mental state both in terms of capacity as well as its health. To begin with, symptoms such as night sweats and hot flashes will severely disrupt your sleep cycle. As a result, you find that you are more fatigued than normal. The lack of uninterrupted sleep also negatively impacts your mental capacity, which leads to symptoms such as brain fog, forgetfulness, trouble concentrating on tasks and so on.

The other reason why your mental health can be affected by menopause is due to a severe decline in both progesterone and oestrogen. When these hormones diminish, they leave room for cortisol to increase. Cortisol is your fight or flight hormone so increased levels will cause symptoms such as anxiety or, in some cases, depression. Visiting a menopause hormonal treatment clinic is imperative so that healthcare professionals can provide you with medication to alleviate these changes to your mental state.

Sudden burning sensations in your tongue

Another lesser-known symptom of menopause that can be incredibly uncomfortable for you is the sudden onset of burning tongue syndrome. Usually, when this symptom comes about, you will have a distinct taste of a metallic substance in your mouth. This weird taste is often accompanied by a fiery feeling in the tongue and the mouth in general. This symptom usually stems from a decrease in oestrogen levels.

While you could think it is merely uncomfortable, the reality is that it can end up affecting your nutrition, as some women are unable to taste food, which limits their appetite. This symptom may also be accompanied by dry mouth, which results in halitosis. It is in your best interests to visit a menopause hormone treatment clinic to get some relief. Contact a menopause treatment clinic to learn more.