4 Benefits of STD Testing Kits

Posted on: 18 August 2021

All sexually active people should be tested regularly for sexually transmitted diseases, but many people put off testing because of embarrassment, lack of time, or discomfort with the testing process. STD testing kits are an alternative to tests carried out by doctors or nurses in clinics. Read on to learn some of the advantages of using these kits. 

1. Comfort

STD testing kits allow people to test for STDs in an environment where they feel comfortable. They can perform their own swabs and collect their own samples, which means there is no possibility of a nurse or doctor causing them pain. For those who struggle with anxiety or a phobia of medical appointments, STD testing kits could make it possible to access testing services that they would not otherwise be able to use.

2. Convenience 

Going to a clinic for STD testing can be time-consuming. Many people cannot get to clinics during their opening hours because they have to be at work during those times. The costs of taking time off work, travelling to the clinic, and perhaps even paying to park their car while they attend their appointment can be barriers for some people.

As an alternative, people can order STD testing kits online and have them delivered to their homes. After taking the sample, they can simply drop the testing kit back into a post box and wait for the results to arrive. This simple testing process is a lot easier to fit into a full schedule than a trip to a sexual health clinic or doctor.

3. Privacy

Many people feel embarrassed about getting tested for STDs, even though it is a common and responsible thing to do. STD testing kits offer maximum privacy, eliminating the need to speak to another person face-to-face to access testing. All STD testing kits arrive at the home in discreet packaging, so there is no need to worry about awkward conversations with housemates or family members. 

4. Accuracy

Some people worry that the results they get from an STD testing kit will not be as accurate as those supplied by a doctor or nurse. In fact, many testing kits contain the same equipment that the NHS uses to carry out tests. The testing kits have been designed to be easy to use, with clear instructions. They deliver highly accurate results that people can rely on in their decisions over whether they need treatment or to abstain from sexual activity.